Country, Comedy,Opera
Suburban Blues
More 80's and 90's Music
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best - Country
Irish Music, Dinah Washington
Folk Music Light
And even more 80's and 90's bands
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best Country/Folk
Country,Carter Family
Cash and Elvis
Amede Ardoin
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best Folk/Irish Music
Bob Dylan
Neil Young
Cult Bands of the 80's and 90's
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best - Opera/Foreign/Art Songs
50's groups,German Lieder
Vocal Quartets
Comedy from 1913 to 1960
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best - Big Band/Pop Music
Dope Songs,The Doors
Foreign Language Hits and Instrumentals
Comedy 1960 - 2000
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best Jazz/Blues/Gospel
20's hits,Ted Lewis
A Visit to Paris
Great Cajun Music
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best Novelty Songs/ Pop Songs
Joseph Schmidt
Bob Dylan
Music from the Hearts of Space - A Tribute
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best Rock and Roll
Polkas,African Music
Folk and Rock
Mellow Rock from Modern Times
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best Rhythm & Blues
The Third Man
Blues Revisited
Music of 1935
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best 60's Rock
Mario Lanza
Carousel and Other Show Tunes
Norteno Music
Bashful Bob's Best of the Best 60's Rock Redux
Van Morrison
Hank Williams Charted Singles
Wild Man Blues (Dixieland Jazz)
Pop Music of 1982
50's slow R & B
50's R & B
Songs of 1936
Pop Music of 1983
60's Hits
Country Pop
Singer/Songwriters of the 60's
Pop Music of 1984
Christmas Music by Bach
Music of 1937 Part 1
Pop Music of 1985
Hank Williams
Music of CalifornicationSeason One
Music of 1937 Part 2
Pop Music of 1987
Swing MusicFrom Mildred Bailey to Pearl Bailey
Music of 1938
Pop Music of 1986
Early Country Music
Pop Hits of the 40's & 50's
Music of 1939 Part 1
Jazz - Be-Bop
Frank Sinatra
Rock-a-Billy Oldies
Music of 1939 Part 2
Folk and Rock Mixed Bag
Renee Fleming
Californication Season 2
Boogie-Woogie Piano and R & B Sax
Funky Rock and Roll
Pop Crooners from the Fifties
Music of 1940 Part 1
Blues for Aficionados
50's Pop Hits
Original Rock and Rollers
Music of 1940 Part 2
Bruce Springsteen Redux
Hipsters, Ken Nordine
Minor Rock and Roll from the50's and 60's
Music of 1941 Part 1
Pop Music of 1988 & 1989
60's Folk Music
Music of 1941 Part 2
Pop Music of 1990
Opera Highlights
Irish Music
Music of 1942 Part 1
Pop Music of 1991
Klezmer, Mickey Katz
Music of Ireland and Scotland
Music of 1942 Part 2
Pop Music of 1992
Folk, Pozo-Seco Singers
Californication Season 3
Music of 1943 Part 1
Pop Music of 1993
Edith Piaf
Gospel Music
Music of 1943 Part 2
Pop Music of 1994
50's Novelty Songs
African Music
Music of 1944 Part 1
Pop Music of 1995
50's Country Crossover Hits
1960's Hits
Music of 1944 Part 2
Pop Music of 1996
Comedy, Belle Barth
Mellow Jazz and Mood Music
Music of 1945 Part 1
Pop Music of1997
Cat Stevens
Country Rarities
Music of 1945 Part 2
Pop Music of 1998
Mississippi Delta Blues
Soul Music
Great Blues Guitarists
Pop Music of 1999
30's Swing Music
More sixties Hits
Pete's Blues (Jazz)
Pop Music of 2000
Psychadaelic 60's
50's Rock and Roll with Bobby Darin
Music of 1946 part 1
Beatles' Songs Sung by Other Artists
Nana Mouskouri
50's and 60's Soul Music
Music of 1946 Part 2
More Beatles' Covers
50's Rock and Roll
Latin Music with Gloria Estefan
Music of 1947 Part 1
Beatles Covers Redux
Cajun Music
Music of 1947 Part 2
And Even More Beatles Covers
1920's Torch Singers
Tim Buckley
Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz
And Even More Beatles Covers Redux
Franco Corelli
Progressive Rock
Music of 1948 Part 1
Beatles Covers Finis
1960's Era Rock
Sixties Long Cuts
Music of 1948 Part 2
The Beatles
60's Mixed bag
Great American Songbook
Music of 1949 Part 1
Garth Brooks, Zac Brown
Richard Tucker et al
Music of 1949 Part 2
New Faces - sort of country
Jimmie Rodgers
Music of 1950 Part 1
Old and New Faces (mostly folk)
Folk Music
Sixties Compilation Tape
Music of 1950 Part 2
Music from The Sons of Anarchy Season 1
Electric Blues
Sixties Compilation Tape
Music of 1951 Part 1
Sons of Anarchy - Season 2
Show Tunes
Uptempo sixties rock compilation
Music of 1951 Part 2
Sons of Anarchy Season- 3
Dinah Washington
Great sixties Music Compilation
Hank Williams - rare and early recordings
Sons of Anarchy Season 4
1930's and 40's Country Music
Sixties Compilation
Music of 1952 Part 1
Sons of Anarchy Season 5
New Orleans Rock and Roll
60's Folk-Rock Compilation
Music of 1952 Part 2
Sons of Anarchy Season 6
10,000 Maniacs
Sixties Compilation
Linda and Richard Thompson
Sons of Anarchy Season 7
Tom Waits
Sixties Compilation
Music of 1953 Part 1
Folk - Country
60's Mixed bag
Sixties Compilation
Music of 1953 Part 2
Moody Folk Music
Funky Fifties Oldies
Songs of WW I
Music of 1954 Part 1
Folk; Singer-Songwriters
Mikis Theodorakis
Sixties Compilation
Music of 1954 Part 2
Jazz with Les Paul and Nat King Cole
The Clash
Sixties Compilation
Music of 1955 (Rock and Roll)
Bay Area Psychadaelic Bands from the 60's
1920's Jazz
Back in the Hills Country Music Compilation
Music of 1955 (Pop Songs)
Mellow Jazz
Latin Rhythms
Honky-Tonk Style country music compilation
Music of 1956 Rock and Roll
Jazz-Rock Fusion
60's Country Compilation
Music of 1956 - Pop Music
Blues - Elmore James and B B King
Fado - Amalia Rodrigues
Mellow Country Music Compilation
Music of 1957 Rock & Roll
Influential Bluesmen
Old Time Country Music Compilation
Music of 1957 Pop Music
Western Swing
More 50's Oldies
50's Country Music Compilation
Music of 1958 Pop Music
Early Jazz
Paul Simon
Uptempo 50's Rock and Roll Compilation
Music of 1958 Rock & Roll
Pete Seeger et al
Billy Eckstine
Rock and Roll from the 50's Compilation
Music of 1959 R & B
Willie Nelson
Early Gilbert and Sullivan
!950's Oldies Make-out Music Compilation
Music of 1959 Pop & Country
Ochs, Van Ronk and Dylan
Blues Shouters
Upbeat 50's Rock and Roll Compilation
Music of 1960 Pop & Country
60's Folk - Paxton, Sky, Muldaur
Waylon and Willie; and Emmy Lou
50's Oldies Compilation
Music of 1960 R & B
Irish Music
Ray Charles
Big Band and Swing Music Compilation
Music of 1961 R & B
More Irish Music
Sixties Hits
Assorted pop tunes from the 40's-60's. Compilation
Music of 1961 Country and Pop
Spirituals - Ethel Waters
Country Music 40's - 50's
Pop tunes from the 50's. Compilation
Music of 1962 R & B
Swing Music
Play Bach
Blues Compilation
Music of 1962 Country and Pop
Swing Music Redux
Magda Olivera
Seminal R & B Groups
Country Music
Female Blues Singers
Late Gilbert and Sullivan
Music of 1963 Part 1
Flamenco Guitar
country music from the 1950's
Pop Opera/Emma Shapplin
Music of !963 Part 2
Flamenco Guitar Redux
British Invasion
Opera featuring La Traviata
Music of 1964 Part 1
Flamenco Jazz Fusion
Hank Williams
La Forza del Destino/Tebaldi
Music of !964 Part 2
Linda Ronstadt and Mary Chapin Carpenter
50's and 60's mixed Bag
opera/Bel canto Bellini and Donizetti
Music of 1965 Part 1
British Bands from the 60's into the 70's
Mellow Jazz
Art Songs/Song Cycles
Music of 1965 Part 2
Rock Bands You Probably Never Heard of
Cash, Dylan, Kristofferson
Comedy/Oddball Recordings
Music of 1966 Part 1
The Allman Brothers
Nat King Cole
Opera Played on Antique Music Boxes
Music of 1966 Part 2
Allman Brothers Long Cuts
Middle Period Gilbert and Sullivan
Music from Boardwalk Empire
Music of !967 Part 1
The Doors
Boardwalk Empire Redux
Music of 1967 Part 2
Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers
Otis Redding
Californication Season 4
Music of 1968 Part 1
Folk; Singer-Songwriters
Jussi Bjoerling
Boardwalk Empire; Again
Music of 1968 Part 2
Lenny Bruce
Californication Season Five
Music of 1969 Part 1
60's-70's Rock
Eastern European Folk Music
Early Blues and Jazz Recordings
Music of 1969 Part 2
Jungle Music; Denny, Lyman and Esquivel
60's Groups
Californication Season 6
Music of !970 Part 1
Country and Folk
Bing Crosby
Music of 1930
Music of 1970 Part 2
Cool Jazz
Unusual Recordings
Songs of 1931
Music of 1971
More Cool Jazz
50's Rhythm and Blues
Mellow Jazz and Cabaret Music
Music of 1972
60's Folk - Dylan and Baez
Dylan and The Band
Songs of 1932
Music of 1973
Mellow Jazz
Frank Sinatra
Music from 1933
Pop Music of 1974
Frank Sinatra Uptempo
Opera: Lemnitz;Wagner
Early Swing Music
Pop Music of 1975
Frank Sinatra Compilation - Make-Out Music
Music 0f 1934
Music of 1976
New Orleans Dixieland Jazz
John Prine
ABBA and Billy Joel
Music of 1977
Flamenco Guitar
Beniamino Gigli
Bruce Springsteen
Pop Music of 1978
Big Band/Pop/Caterina Valente
Phil Spector and the wall of sound.
Jewish Folk Music
Pop Music of 1979
Russian Folk Music
50's Pop Hits
Jewish Cantorial Music
Pop Music of 1980
Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, Jackson Browne
Warren Zevon
Pop Music of 1981
Opera Highlights
Feodor Chaliapin
Bands of the 80's and 90's