Show 598

Cajun Muisc
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Jolie Blonde - Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Marc Savoy
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
La Valse De Madame Sosten - Joe Falcon
Creole Stomp - Joe Falcon
My Sweetheart Run Away - The Segura Brothers
Bury Me un the corner of the yard - The Segura Brothers
Mama Where You at - Leo Soileau and Mayeuse La Fleur
Mon Cher Bebe Creole - Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Marc Savoy
Evangeline Playboy Special - Wade Fruge
Tit Mamou - Wade Fruge
Port Arthur Blues - Wade Fruge
Jolie Blonde - Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly and King Curtis
Je Me Troune Une Julie Fille (Cousinne Lilly) Blind Uncle Gaspard
Jolie Blonde - Mayeus La Fleur
La valse a Mayeus La Fleur
Diggy Liggy Lo - Hadley Castille
Making Whiskey - Hadley Castille
Old Sharecropper's House - Hadley Castille
Jolie Blonde - Harry Choates
Grand Mamou - Harry Choates
Cat'n Around - Harry Choates
Rye Whiskey - Harry Choates
Allons a Lafayette - Harry Choates
Think of Me - J.B. Furlier and His Merrymakers
Chere Te Te - J.B. Furlier and His Merrymakers
Dans Le Grand Bois - The Hackberry Ramblers
J ai Passe Devonde Ta Parte - The Hackberry Ramblers
Fais Pas Ca - (Trouble in Mind) - The Hackberry Ramblers
Lacassine Special - Iry LeJeune
Jai ete y an Bal - Iry LeJeune
valse de 99 ans - Iry LeJeune
Evangeline Special - Iry LeJeune
La valse de Cajun - Iry LeJeune
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane - Cleoma Breaux