Show 617

Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Music part 1
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Les Haricots Sont sales - Ambroise Thibodeaux
Commentary- All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
La Valse Du Bombocheur - The Balfa Brothers
Bosco Stomp - Aldus Rogers
Am I Really Losing You - Randy and the Rockets-
Today I Started Loving You Again - Johnnie Allen
Two-Step de Prairie Solledu - Amede Ardoin
Acadian One-Step Joe Falcon
Orson Two-Step - Aldus Rogers
Red Red Wine - Charles Mann
I'll Try One More Time -Al Ferrier
The Back Door - Rufus Jagneaux
Taunt Aline - Amede Ardoin
Evangeline Special - Jo-El Sonnier
Let's Go Get Drunk - Johnnie Allen
New Orleans Jail - Ron Bernard
Rebecca Ann - D J Menard
CommentaryMon Coeur T'Appele - Cleoma Breaux
Lacassine Special - Joe Falcon
Shirley Jean - Rockin; Sidney
The Prisoner's Song - Warren Storm
If Teardrops Were Pennies - Harrison Fontenot
La Blues de Port Arthur -Leo Soleau
She has forgotten Me - Joe Falcon
I'm Nota Fool Anymore - Belton Richard
Cajun Fugitive - Belton Richard
The Back Door D L Menard
Ma Belle Sophie Johnnie Allen
Parting Waltz - Iry Lajeune
Les Veunes de la Coulee - The Balfa Brothers
Lacassine Special - Lee Benoit
Jole Blond - Clifton Chenier
A Tramp on the Street - Nathan Abshire
Jole Blond - Jimmy Newman