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Late Gilbert and Sullivan
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Commentary - All commentary is by Bashful Bob
Fair is Rose - Ruddigore (All selections from Ruddigore are by)
If Somebody there Chanced to be - Ruddigore (Gilbert and Sullivan)
I Shipped d'ye see in a Revenue Sloop - Ruddigore (and were recorded by the D'Oyly Carte)
To a Garden full of Posies - Ruddigore (opera company)
Act 1 Finale - Ruddigore ( conducted by Isidore Godfrey)
Happily Coupled are We - Ruddigore
In Bygone Days - Ruddigore
My Eyes are Fully Open - Ruddigore
Finale - Oh Happy the Lily - Ruddigore
When a Maiden Loves, She Sits and Sighs - Yeomen of the Guard (All selections)
Tower warders, Under Orders - Yeomen of the Guard (by Gilbert and Sullivan)
Is Life a Boon - Yeomen of the Guard (and were recorded by the D'Oyly Carte)
I Have a Song to Sing-O - Yeomen of the Guard (in 1964 conducted by)
Tis Done! I am a Bride - Yeomen of the Guard (Sir Malcom Sargent)
Were I the Bride - Yeomen of the Guard
Act 1 Finale beginning with To the fraternal care - Yeomen of the Guard
Night has spread her pall once more - Yeomen of the Guard
Oh! A private buffoon is a light-hearted loon - Yeomen of the Guard
Free from his fetters grim - Yeomen of the Guard
Strange Adventure - Yeomen of the Guard
A man who would woo a fair maid - Yeomen of the Guard
Finale beginning with, Comes the pretty young bride - Yeomen of the Guard
List and Learn - The Gondoliers (All selections are by)
From the sunny Spanish shore- The Gondoliers (Gilbert and Sullivan)
In Enterprise of martial kind - The Gondoliers (from a video put out by)
There was a time - The Gondoliers (Opera World in 1982)
I stole the prince - The Gondoliers
But Bless my heart - The Gondoliers
Act 1 finale beginning with , Kind sir you cannot have the heart - The Gondoliers
Of happiness of every pith - The Gondoliers
Here we are at the risk of our lives - The Gondoliers
There lived a king - The Gondoliers
To help unhappy commoners - The Gondoliers
Finale, starting with The Royal Prince - The Gondoliers