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More Old-Time Fiddle Music
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Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Polka - Wilfred Guillette
Reel Des Jiguer - Wilfred Guillette
Ragtime Annie - Wilfred Guillette
Reel Du Printemps - Wilfred Guillette
Sa Feras Tu Sa Feras Tu Pas - Wilfred Guillette
Frenchman's Bellyache - Wilfred Guillette
Reel De Gaspe - Wilfred Guillette
Cobbler's Reel - Louis Beaudoin
Woodchopper's Reel - Louis Beaudoin
Dad's Reel - Louis Beaudoin
Westphalia Waltz - Louis Beaudoin
Alexander McKenzie's March - Louis Beaudoin
Saint Anne's Reel - Louis Beaudoin
Reel of the Hanged Man - Louis Beaudoin
Debbie's Jig - Jerry Robichaud
York County Hornpipe - Jerry Robichaud
Gold and Silver Waltz - Jerry Robichaud
New Brunswick Hornpipe - Jerry Robichaud
Cotton-Eyed Joe - Jerry Robichaud
Black Mountain Rag - Scott Campbell
Ashton Rose Waltz - Ken Campbell
Old Box Stove - Scott Campbell
Boil 'em Cabbage Down - Jon Campbell
Angus Campbell - Scott Campbell
Shadow of the Mountain - Ken Campbell
Rory O'Moore - Jon Campbell
Rubber Dolly - Scott Campbell
Blind man's Reel - Conrad Pelletier
Dreamer's Waltz - Ronald West
Shannon Bells - Neal Converse
Bonnet Trimmed in Blue - Dick Gordon
Farmer's Jubilee - Duane Perry
Golden Dawn Waltz - Fritz Carl
Headlight Reel - Aime Mignault
Rubber Dolly - Clem Myers
Leaves That are Green - The Green Mountain Boys
The Legend of a Rebel Soldier - The Green Mountain Boys
Blackjack - The Green Mountain Boys
La Grande Chaine - The Beaudoin Family Band
Le Reel des Noveaux Maries - The Beaudoin Family Band
Le Reel du Sucre - The Beaudoin Family Band
La Grande Gigue Simple - The Beaudoin Family Band
Le Benediction du Pere - The Beaudoin Family Band
Billy Wilson's Clog - Clem Myers
The Whistler - Wilfred Guillette
Richardson's Schottische - Fred Smith
Maple Leaf Polka - James Gilpin
Sally Goodin - Albert Cyr
St. Armand Reel - Bill Royer
Black Velvet Waltz - Ronald West
In the Little Green Valley - Joyce Haggett with with Tony Washburn and Bob Slora