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Folk and Country
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Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
3-Legged Man - Brandywine
You're the One - Brandywine
Bottles and Cans - Brandywine
Way Back Home - Brandywine
Cody - Brandywine
Autumn Leaves - Steve Lehner and Maureen May
Ways of the Country - Steve Lehner and Maureen May
Old Friends and a Little Bit More - Steve Lehner and Maureen May
The Old Homeplace - Steve Lehner and Maureen May
Coming Home to Houston - Peter and John Isaacson
Road to the Rodeo - Peter and John Isaacson
Witchita-Tulsa - Peter and John Isaacson
All My Life - Peter and John Isaacson
Waiting for the Words - Peter and John Isaacson
Blue Eyes and a Bad Reputation - Peter and John Isaacson
One Small Mistake - The Wyatt Brothers
I've Tried - The Wyatt Brothers
Pick Up Those Pieces - The Wyatt Brothers
Somewhere in Time - Eric Weissberg and Deliverance
Blessed is the Man - Eric Weissberg and Deliverance
Lend Me Your Heart - Eric Weissberg and Deliverance
Ain't No One - McGuffey Lane
Music Man - McGuffey Lane
Long Time Lovin' You - McGuffey Lane
Let Me Take You to the Rodeo - McGuffey Lane
Stay in Love with You - McGuffey Lane
All My X's Live in Texas - George Strait
West Texas Waltz - Joe Ely
Waltz Across Texas with You - Waylon Jennings
Texas (when I die) - Tonya Tucker