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Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
I'm a King Bee - Muddy Waters
Too Young to Know - Muddy Waters
Mean Old Frisco Blues - Muddy Waters
Forever Lonely - Muddy Waters
I Feel Like Going Home - Muddy Waters
Champagne and Reefer - Muddy Waters
Sad Sad Day - Muddy Waters
Keep Me in Trouble - Muddy Waters
Deep Down in Florida #2 - Muddy Waters
No Escape from the Blues - Muddy Waters
So Excited - B. B. King
No Good - B. B. King
What Happened - B. B. King
Confessing the Blues - B. B. King
Key to My Kingdom - B. B. King
Crying Won't Help You Now - B. B. King
You're Mean - B. B. King
Driftin' Blues - Bobby Bland
It's My Life Baby - Bobby Bland
This Time, I'm Gone for Good - Bobby Bland
I Learned My Lesson - Bobby Bland
I Woke Up Screaming - Bobby Bland
Wishing Well - Bobby Bland
Don't Want No Woman - Bobby Bland
I Can't Put You Down - Bobby Bland
Wise Man's Blues - Bobby Bland
You've Got Bad Intentions - Bobby Bland
Time Out - Bobby Bland
Turn on Your Love Light - Bobby Bland